Friday, April 8, 2011

 Saud alnemyan


Anderson, G.(2011,January 22). Growing old gracefully. smart computing, p.93.


 the article discusses how people can keep their old computers system working to long time. nowadays, there is a good development in computer system.. however, many companies still use Windows XP. because they care about their computers. the computer software need to redevelop also need hardware. because that will make our computers clear and fast. therefore, people can save their money and they can data by keeping old system working.


I really like this article, and the writer taught me how I can keep my computer working  as long as possible. so now i can spend my money and try to make my computer better and stronger. and I surprised because there many companies still use windows xp until now. there are smarts because they knew how they can spend their money. and there is new thing I learned in this article which is not just computer software need to redevelop, but also hardware might alter of CPU and memory. I agree to add other devices to keep hard drivers, information, CD, and flash memory. also I agree with him when he took about upgrading. therefore that article is important for who want to keep his/her money like students and businessmen.